Another album is on the way from the King of Maine!

Maine rapper Spose is set to release a new album in May. His sixth album is titled 'Good Luck With Your Life.'

In true Spose fashion his album isn't just a CD, although it is an option. Sold only in Bull Moose stores 'The Grandma Edition' includes: "Good Luck With Your Life" CD, "Good Luck With More Life" EP signed limited edition version in metal tin, hand-made cross-stitch hoop (1 of 100) made in Maine by Ashley Couillard, limited edition stickers, button, and custom "Good Luck With Your Life" plastic bag, all hand-packed by Spose."

Before we could even get a chance to pre-order one for ourselves, 'The Grandma Edition' sold-out. BLAST!

You can pre-order a CD here. The album is also available for pre-order on iTunes.

'Good Luck With Your Life' will be released May 5.

On April Fools day Spose also released a video for a tune off his latest album 'Why Am I So Happy?' The popular 'Lies Song' now has the Spose video treatment! Watch it above.

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