Any artist that performs on the road will tell you that every tour comes with its ups and downs. Whether those be travel woes, venue issues, or something as simple as not having enough time to soundcheck before their set, making your living on the road can be taxing. Lessons are learned along the way by veteran musicians, and no matter how experienced you think you may be, every concert can be proof that there's still more to learn. One of Maine's most famous musicians, Spose, shared a hard lesson he recently learned in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire.

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While performing at Wally's Pub, Spose and the crowd are clearly feeling the song that was performed on stage. During a key moment in the song, Spose allows the energetic crowd to sing a portion and extends his microphone and stand out over the audience in hopes of amplifying the chorus. Instead, the pivotal moment happened and the shock and awe on Spose's face tells the full story.

Facebook via Spose
Facebook via Spose

Rather than just singing into the extended microphone, a member of the crowd decides to pull the microphone and stand out of Spose's grip. In the process of that motion, Spose's incredibly expensive microphone goes flying into a different portion of the crowd as the slow motion "noooooooo" can be seen on Spose's ultra-concerned face. He admitted in his Instagram post that this was a lesson learned, and a concert fail all wrapped into one.


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