Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, seeing live shows hasn't been a thing. From big name acts to local shows here in Maine, all the venues where we used to see performances in have been closed.

In a effort to start the ball rolling on bringing live shows back, a Public Service Announcement from Maine rapper Spose appeared on Vimeo Tuesday, urging viewers to wear a mask.

The video was shot at the empty State Theater on Congress Street in Portland, and that was the point. Spose points out that normally shows would be going on at the State Theater, but because of COVID, no one is sitting in the seats, the sound guy and light guys aren't there and the bartender isn't there.

"If you ever want to see a show here again, wear a mask man," he says from the stage with the empty seats behind him. "Not that hard."

The video got the attention of Maine CDC Director Dr. Nirav Shah who shared it on Twitter.

As COVID-19 cases in Maine increase by the hundreds a day, the hope is that the message resonates with Mainers so that we can get back to seeing live shows as soon as possible.

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