A new online tool is available to the public from the Maine CDC and Maine DHHS that will help parents and communities see what the vaccination rate is for eligible vaccinated children throughout the school districts of Maine.

Maine Department of Health and Human Services with the Maine Department of Education have released an estimate of vaccination rates across the State of Maine's school districts in order to provide communities with the latest information for vaccine-eligible children for school year decision-making.

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A Tool For Parents and Communities

Currently, the tool only estimates vaccination rates for children eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, those between the ages of 12 and 18 and will be updated every few weeks.

School districts, students, families and communities can use the map tool to see what each district's vaccination rate is for any district throughout the State of Maine.

Current Data for Vaccine-eligible Maine Youth

According to a recent press release about the launch of this new tool, Maine is seeing 65% of eligible Mainer's fully vaccinated for COVID-19, while 70% have received at least one dose. Over half of children 12 to 19 in Maine are fully vaccinated and 57% have had at least their first dose.

Maine CDC
Maine CDC

The map allows you to choose and highlight a particular district as well as see how other districts are doing across the state. Currently, 4 districts are in the red category and all are located in different parts of the state, which includes MSAD 76 (Swan's Island in Down East Maine) and Cutler Public Schools (Far Eastern Maine) at 15% - 19% of the first dose received as well as Lisbon Public Schools (Central Maine) and RSU 89 (Staceyville in Northern Maine) at 20% - 24% of the first dose received.

Some areas of the map are colored gray due to no schools in that location of Maine or don't have information on a particular school districts data, which is the case for some coastal and island communities as well as very rural northern and eastern parts of the State of Maine

See the map at the Maine CDC website and to find updates every two weeks for school districts and first doses of Maine's vaccine-eligible children at that page.

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