When people think about adopting kittens, they tend to trend towards wanting those playful, toy-batting, silly felines who are both super sweet and super naughty all at once. And sometimes, the kittens who are little on the shier, or in this case "Shire" side, can often be overlooked.

Frodo & Precious, SPCA of Hancock County

This has been the case with this week's SPCA of Hancock County "Pets of the Week": this brother-sister bonded pair that got their names from a certain  J. R. R. Tolkien series. Meet Precious and Frodo.

If you have the patience and time to sit down and read The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, then these might just be the perfect pair of kittens for you.

But let's let the folks from the SPCA share their side of the story:

"They both come from a stray cat colony, so they need time, patience and lots of treats to warm up to a person. Frodo is 10 months old with a smokey black-gray coat and gorgeous green eyes. His stomach is truly the way to his heart, as he adores wet food. He also loves snuggling with other cats, especially his sister, Precious."

SPCA of Hancock County

Precious seems about a month or so younger than Frodo, and she owns the role as the baby of the family. Once you earn her trust, she’ll curl up in your lap and make biscuits; she has definitely earned her name."

SPCA of Hancock County

They believe this pair would get along, not unlike Hobbits, with other fellow felines and perhaps a mellow pooch, provided there are snack along the way.

It is not necessary to make a long journey through Mordor to get your hands on these two. It's just a quick call, email or visit to the SPCA of Hancock County on the Bar Harbor Rd. in Trenton. You can check out their website, here.

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