Anyone who has spent any amount of time in Bangor, specifically down around the Penobscot Plaza area, will likely be familiar with the unusual "greenhouse" windows that line the front of Hero's Sports Grill & Entertainment Center.

For as long back as I can remember, those windows have been there. They were first put in when it was Sing's Chinese Restaurant. And they have remained in place, as the building changed hands to become Jimmy V's and then Classics and finally Hero's.

Owner, Christina Paradis, said that all changed this week, as a renovation project kicked off Monday, that would see those iconic windows come down.

Hero's New Look, Facebook Hero's Sports Grill & Entertainment Center

Paradis said the decision to remove the windows came down to a matter of difficulty in finding replacements and keeping them weather tight. Because they were so old and unusual, any time a part needed be replaced, it had to be custom manufactured and special ordered.

"They leaked," Paradis said.

Wanting to be smart about the plan to replace them, the folks at Hero's have been working closely with the city to make sure the building remains structurally sound, as they add a new roof to the entrance, and create extra seating space with big sliding glass doors on the front that would allow for more of an outdoor feel, when weather permits it.

Hero's 3, Photo credit Dylan Trainor

Paradis said Hero's will have occupied that building for 11 years, come this October, and they are looking forward to freshening up their look, and options for their customers. The entire project should be completed and weather-tight within the next few weeks, Paradis hopes.

While there are boards now where the windows used to be, remarkably, she says the restaurant has been able to remain open throughout the process.

Hero's 5, Photo credit Dylan Trainor

I, for one, can't wait to see what it looks like when the project is all done.

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