This Saturday, Hancock County residents can safely dispose of household hazardous waste.  Key word - safely. The City of Ellsworth is partnering with the Hancock County Planning Commission.  The event is from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and will take place at Ellsworth High School.

You will need a permit, which are available at Ellsworth City Hall for Ellsworth residents only.  You’ll need to prove you are a resident to obtain a permit.  Proof of Ellsworth residency is required for a permit.

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If you are not a resident of Ellsworth, but live in Hancock County check with your municipal office to see if your town is a participant.

Look here to see if what you want to get rid of is acceptable

  • Paint and Stain
  • Turpentine and Varnish
  • Brake and Transmission Fluid
  • Paint Thinners and Removers
  • Pool Chemicals
  •  Antifreeze
  • Adhesives and Solvents
  • Oven/Drain Cleaners
  • Fungicides and Herbicides
  • Battery Acids and Muriatic Acids
  • Linseed Oil
  • Automotive Oil and Gasoline


NOT ACCEPTED:   PC, Laptops, Monitors and Printers   Televisions, Monitors   All Electronic Equipment   Air Conditioners   Ammunition   Asbestos   Fireworks and Explosives  Infectious and Biological Wastes   Propane Tanks  Alkaline Batteries   Car, Lawnmower or Boat Batteries  Refrigerators, Deep Freezers, etc.   Other Items Deemed unacceptable by EPI Inc

If a resident of a participating Town shows up at the hazardous waste collection event without a permit, the cost will be $30.  The cost will be $45 if your town is not participating. Start with a permit.

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