Nowadays, you can browse websites to see information about a house for sale, which usually includes a gallery of pictures.

You would assume that these pictures are put up to entice browsers to buy the house- to show off the kitchen, show the cozy living room or spacious bedrooms.

But some houses just don't have it.  The whole structure is a blemish that just needs to show it's warts. We scoured local realtor sites to find the instances when REALTORS gave us what we came for- the honest truth.

Check out these pictures that just tell it like it is.

1. Mold and All

This house in Bangor isn't fairing too well and the REALTOR just wants to keep it real, even if that black mold isn't pretty.

Tara Roy, Realty of Maine - Bangor

2. Not Even Going to Move That Coat Hanger

This house in Milford is in rough shape but even the REALTOR wants you to know what you are REALLY in for.  This REALTOR has so much mad respect for your time that the metaphor of the coat hanger unnaturally hanging out on the wall is the result of no effort of trying to change the appeal, or lack-there-of, of this property.

Shonne Wright, Era Dawson-Bradford Co.

3. The Value Is In the Tree House

It is no accident that the photo focus of this Hampden property isn't the actual house but the haphazard tree house in the foreground.  Again, props for letting us know where the value truly is in this property.

Kerri Beal, Beal Realty

4. It Looks Better From Afar

This property located in Orono is probably best judged from far away.  You already see a dip in the roof line and 'No Trespassing' signs at every angle.  No need to get any closer, if you know what I mean.

Tara Roy, Realty of Maine - Bangor

5. Not A Pat's Fan

One of the tricks when it comes to selling your house is to depersonalize- take pictures of the family off the walls, paint over the colorful walls, stuff like that.  This allows the potential buyer to not be distracted by items they don't like and more easily imagine themselves living in the home.

But, when you have a New York Giants fan currently living in this Old Town home for sale, sometimes giving a reason why the home isn't the greatest is ... worth a pity buy.  It deserves better than that!

Adrian Nadeau, Era Dawson-Bradford Co.

6.  It Is What It Is

This house sits on a prime lot in Bangor but is obviously a fixer-upper.. or maybe a tearer-downer.  Considering the signs of dilapidation, this particular photo really just brings it all home... er, at least, shows that it will need a few bricks mortared back into the foundation in order to make it a home.

Kerri Beal, Beal Realty