According to Zillow, Bangor's median home value is $149,100.  So, what does that look like when it comes to the houses actually listed for sale at that price?

Let's take a look at three houses for sale on in Bangor listed around $149,000 and see what kind of home $149,000 in the current market looks like and what you can get for your money.

Here are our homes

See galleries of each home at the end of the article to see what an asking price of $149,000 looks like in pictures.

3 Bedrooms, 1.5 Baths

$149,000 in Bangor will be you home for both the kids and a room for a parent or two.  Also, not just one bathroom can be expected.  You might also get a half bath which is way better than just one full bathroom on it's one.  This is good!

Small Lot Size with No Privacy

All three of the houses listed lie on a smaller parcel of land, one doesn't even include land because it's part of a condo unit.  There is a small amount of land but there's still room if you just need a little something to enjoy eating outside or want to have a garden.  Lot sizes varied from nothing up to a quarter of an acre.

Not All Are On Busy Roads

One of the homes is actually located in Bangor Gardens, a nice little homey neighborhood where you won't get too worried if the kids wander around the neighborhood on their own.

At Least 30 Years Old, Maybe Even 100 

Expect to buy an older home which means more opportunities for old roofs, furnaces and weird foundations.  The newest building listed was 1987.  Not terrible.

You Get A Garage

I was kind of surprised to see that all of the listings included at least a one car garage, one included a two car garage- and a decent one at that!


Take a look at the homes we used as our average Bangor homes.  How does your house compare price-wise, space-wise and overall?



80 Thornton Road



250 Husson Avenue, Apt 1B



259 Garland Street

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