Do you like scary movies? What about scary houses?

With Halloween around the corner, many horror enthusiasts are already nailing down their big plans for spooky season — and now it looks like they can add stay at the iconic Scream party house to their list of must-do holiday activities.

The original home where the 1996 horror movie's iconic party killing spree was filmed — including the scenes where Tatum is tragically killed, viewers finally find out who Ghostface is, and Sidney comes out victorious — is officially available to book on Airbnb.

And the best part? It only costs $5 per night.

But that's not what makes staying at the Northern California home super special. With Sheriff Dewey Riley, a.k.a actor David Arquette, serving as host (and potential emergency contact), fans will get to explore the home, have a Scream movie marathon (on VHS, of course) and ring up Ghostface on a dedicated phone line — if they dare!

The stay also includes a buffet of the best '90s sleepover snacks out there — including Jiffy Pop and ice cream with Reddi-whip — as well as unique memorabilia from the flick, such as Woodsboro High gear and movie posters for the upcoming fifth Scream film, out in 2022.

Alas, here's the catch: You can only choose from three nights to stay — Oct. 27, Oct. 29 or Oct. 31 — all but ensuring that booking this special event will be an online bloodbath.

Booking requests open on Oct. 12 at 1 PM EDT. Transportation will not be provided to the Airbnb experience. However, there will be a socially distant on-site concierge. And if COVID-19 restrictions require the experience to be canceled, then guests will receive a $1,000 Airbnb travel credit.

You can find more information about this Scream-worthy experience here.

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