Bangor, if you like to eat, you can take Taco Tuesday to the next level.

It's kind of weird that National Taco Day is on Monday, October 4th, because Taco Tuesday has become a rite of passage in this country. I have spent many a Tuesday evening chowing down at various places in the Bangor area, like Pepino's, Miguel's, Las Palapas, my personal favorite, The Tacorita, and of course the one and only Margarita's in Orono, who has a crazy fun contest coming up, especially if you can power eat.

On Tuesday, October 5th from 5 pm to close, at all participating locations there will be #TACOGIGANTE Time Challenge Eating Contest. If you eat it the fastest, you not only get it for free, but they will have some swag for ya too. A gift card and also a trophy, so you can have bragging rights for your Taco Tuesday eating crew.

Best of all, you don't even need to register. Just bring some friends to cheer you on, perhaps a bib, or extra shirt, and your appetite of course. This sounds like something I would like to just show up and watch because that is a ton of food. They will have heats of four eaters at a time throughout the evening on Tuesday.

Even if you don't go, by all means, celebrate National Taco Day at any of the fine establishments that we are lucky to have here in the Bangor area. And maybe a little tequila too.

If you want some competitive eating tips, you can learn from the best, Matt Stonie, who once inhaled a whopping 103 tacos in a mere eight minutes. Don't go that crazy, but maybe have a light lunch that day.

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