There is nothing better than getting your crew together on a Taco Tuesday!

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We all know that the beginning of the work week is kind of a drag, right? This is where the beauty of "Taco Tuesday" comes in. It's the perfect excuse to head out with friends and enjoy a little fun, on an otherwise boring day.

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Taco Tuesday is now a tradition in the United States, so much so, that restaurants will often offer special prices, for example, "$2 fish tacos every Tuesday night". And of course, people will enjoy a cocktail or two. think of it as an extra special Happy Hour.

The first known use of the term "Taco Tuesday" was in 1973 as an advertisement in a newspaper for a local business. Bet whoever came up with that term wishes he had trademarked it!

When it comes to the State of Maine, there are SO many fantastic Mexican restaurants to choose from, so we broke it down and chose our personal favorites that you should definitely try on your next "Taco Tuesday" night out.

11 Spicy Spots In Maine To Do 'Taco Tuesday'

Do 'Taco Tuesday' right at these 11 hot spots in Maine!

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Maybe you would rather stay at home? Well, here is a tasty way to make a great taco, right in your own kitchen.

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