If you love live & local music, Downtown Orono is the place to be this weekend!

A whopping 28 performances, across 9 venues in Downtown Orono. You can spend the evening enjoying the various acts and also the delcious food from local restaurants! It's all brought to you by Stillwater Community Arts.

'Artsapalooza' is happening this Saturday, June 17th, from 6pm-10pm, all over Downtown Orono

Before the music, there will be a parade! The invite you to come dressed up as your favortie zoo animal, bring music makers and hlep kick things off.

Starting at 4:30pm, there will be a face painting & photo booth, followed by a 5:15pm parade that starts at Orono Public Library and wraps up at Mill Street

Here is how the music schedule breaks down:

Black Bear Brewing Company-Food menu items available

6:00pm-6:40pm-Art n Larry Latour
7:00pm-7:40pm-Mike Curtis
8:00pm-8:40pm-Larrie & Louise Latour
9:00pm-9:40pm-Andrew Carlson

Church of Universal Fellowship

6:00pm-6:40pm-Lace Theatre Company
7:00pm-7:40pm-Burns Music Studio
8:00pm-8:40pm-Robinson Ballet

The Family Dog-Food menu items available

7:00pm-7;40pm-Peach Belly
8:00pm-8:40pm-Tough End String Band

Thai Orchid-Food menu items avaiable

6:00pm-6:40pm-Milk St.
7:00pm-7:40pm-Isiah Grace
8:00pm-8:40pm-Gunshot Glitter

Harvest Moon Deli-Food menu items available

6:00pm-6:40pm-George Levitsky, Mariisa McLaughlin, Thomas Runco, Rose Sunderland-McKay
7:00ppm-7:40pm-Harry Burns & Matt Donovan

Marsh Island Brewery-Food menu items available

6:00pm-6:40pm-QAthen Saucier
7:00pm-7:40pm-Gus LaCasse
8:00pm-8:40pm-Brooke Nason
9:00pm-9:40pm-Rob Laraway

Pat's Pizza-Food menu items available

6:00pm-6:40pm-Rich Kenefic
7:00pm-7:40pm-Henry & Annie Clarke
8:00pm-8:40pm-Zivi Osher

Tacorita-Food menu items availalbe

6:00pm-6:40pm-nate Williams & Robben Harris
7:00pm-7:40pm-Chana Wingard
8:00pm-8:40pm-Focus Group story slam

Woodman's Bar and Gril-Food men items available

7:00pm-7:40pm-Andrew Carlson
8:00pm-8:40pm-Art N' Harvey
9:00pm-9:40pm-Low Talker

Enjoy a Saturday full of fun for the whole family, at Artsapalooza!

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