I'll admit it. I'm a geek. I have been pretty much all my life. I love sci-fi like Star Wars and Star Trek, I love video games, I play pinball competitively and I love to get photos and videos of trains. If that's not the definition of a geek, I don't know is. I've also lived in Maine all my life, so I've done my part over the years to contribute to this interesting statistic.

According to Zippia, Maine is one of the top states for the number of people that play Dungeons & Dragons. Maine is ranked fourth in a tie with Vermont, and Alaska. The only states with more D&D players are Utah, Idaho and Oregon. They also figured out that the most played D&D character in Maine is the monk.

How did Zippa determine this without sitting in on 13 million or so Dungeon and Dragons games playing a wizard? They explained the method:

 We looked at a full year of search interest, giving every state ample time to let show their nerdy side.

To determine classes, we used the 15 most common DND classes and did a similar analysis of Google Search Trends.

We excluded obscure classes because, well, they are uncommon.

I've always been fascinated by Dungeons & Dragons and wanted it as a kid, but back when it first debuted in the early 80s there was a whole moral panic in America that this game kids were playing was witchcraft and Satanism. So I wasn't allowed to have it.

Then my parents finally gave in and bought me the Dungeons & Dragons Basic Rule Set but none of my friends wanted to play it with me. I was stuck playing solo adventures which were like reading a Choose Your Own Adventure book. Boring.

she_wolf626 via ebay
she_wolf626 via ebay

My son is actually taking an extracurricular class in high school learning how to play the game, so I guess they weren't kidding when they said Maine has a lot of D&D players.

To this day I still haven't played the game, but with all these players around and my son getting on board, maybe it's time to start.

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