Santa wants to talk to you.

Some who read that will think, “Wonderful, I want to talk to Santa too, because I’ve been so good this year!”  For the rest of us, it’s “Uh, oh. Trouble with a capital 'T'.”

Not sure how many times this year I’ve said, or typed "because of Covid-19," but here we go again. While it's difficult to visit Santa this year, he’d still enjoy talking to your child or children.

It’s by donation, going to The Anah Shrine of Bangor and here’s the link to schedule your call or video chat. They began yesterday. The suggested donation is $5 for a phone call, $10 for a video chat. If you have a family with 2 or more children the donation is $20. Calls will be made in the evening or on weekends and will last 5 minutes.

If we’ve learned one thing this year, it’s when handed a lemon, make lemonade, and this is just one more example.

When I worked in Detroit, a good friend and co-worker at two different radio stations also played the part of Santa in the Thanksgiving Day Parade that used to be one of the biggest in the country and featured on the national TV broadcast. One year I was waiting right near the end of the parade route as Santa finishes up the parade from the sleigh/float, and on his microphone says “Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas to Scott. Have you been good this year?" You should have heard all the kids around, "Wow Santa knows your name?!"

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