The holiday season is underway, whether you are ready or not.  There are many ways to deal with gift purchasing but why use a credit card and build up interest costs when you could do layaway!

Every store has their own rules for layaway the jist of it is you pick out items you want, make a down payment as a kind of "good faith" to purchase the items, make small payments over time while the store holds onto the items.  Once you've paid it off, you can take your items.

Need some help figuring out the pros and cons of layaway for your gift purchasing this year?  Check out this article from Money Crashers dot com where they lay it all out for you.

If you're down with layaway, then check out these Bangor area businesses who offer the service, and usually year round.

Walmart is already doing layaway and will be doing so until December 9th.  Check out all the details at

They have a 90 day program with a 10% down payment.  Check out their rules at

This Bangor jeweler can get "the items you want based on your budget".   Check out more information at their website,

This local retailer asks for a 20% down payment and minimum of $30 purchase.  Check out more details at

This Bangor store also has layaway and asks you to visit the customer service desk to learn more about the program.  Here's more information at the website

The Bangor TJMaxx is listed as on of their chain retailer stores that has layaway available.  Visit their website to get more information.

This local furniture staple is asking for 30% deposit and offer a three month program.  Check out more information at

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