When you think of squirrels you probably think of the type we've seen all our lives, a grey little critter with a fluffy tail zipping across the street or climbing up a tree or maybe getting in your bird feeder.

But one Maine resident in Skowhegan can now say she's seen a white, or albino squirrel. So how does a squirrel get a white coat instead of grey? According to untamedscience.com white squirrels are usually always a white version of the eastern grey squirrel.

There are a few types of genetic mutations that cause the whiteness. The first is albinism which is caused by a pigment mutatuin. Albino squirrels have red eyes, making them look even more unusual. The other is a white morph which is naturally occurring trait of eastern grey squirrels but extremely rare, especially in Maine.

April Plourde of Skowhegan was in the right place at the right time and was able to snap this pic of a very rare white squirrel.

For more on the white squirrel check out this video!

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