I was scrolling through my social media feed recently, as I was waiting for my kids to brush their teeth so we could read bedtime stories, and I came across a story about a school principal in Texas who uses social media to make sure all her students have the experience of being read to at bedtime.

Dr. Belinda George is her name, and this is her first year as principal at the Homer Drive Elementary School in Beaumont, Texas. In every interview I read about her, Dr. George sights her want to both build relationships with her students, and boost their interest in reading, as her motivation for the experiment. And since she started her "Tucked-In Tuesday" Facebook Live feeds in December of last year, there's been another benefit; a rise in literacy scores for kids at her school.

Her Tucked-In Tuesdays broadcasts have grown in popularity from a few dozen to a couple of thousand now. She usually reads these stories in her PJs, and tries to give shout-outs to her students at the beginning of the videos. Some students have even started watching with their entire families.

I love this-it's such an awesome idea, and a great use of a social media platform. I hope some local educators follow Dr. George's example and get inspired to do this. What a neat way to connect with kids. Now, instead of being intimidated by a school principal, these kids have an opportunity to see a different side of her.

If there is a local teacher or principal doing this already, I want to know about it, because I think its a great idea.

Here's an example of her Tucked-In Tuesdays

Keep up the good work, Dr. George.

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