The Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry are saying now's the time to clip those tree webs.

We had mentioned last summer the latest invasive insect to plague our state, the Browntail caterpillar.   It causes a poison ivy-like rash on your skin and can even cause respiration issues if their poisonous hairs are inhaled.

During the winter, the caterpillar will spin a web in the trees, enclosing dead leaves in their lair of heinousness.  They can be found on the tips of branches of oak trees, birch trees, cherry trees, apple trees and other hardwoods.

Here's some information from Maine's Department of ACF:

"NOW is the time to look for the bright white silk tying a few leaves to the TIPS of oak and fruit tree branches. If you see a web CLIP IT OUT and destroy the web by dropping it in a bucket of soapy water and soaking it overnight; do not just leave it on the ground. The caterpillars are ready to go once warmer weather arrives, so do this task as soon as possible!"

Need some visuals to get you psyched about killing these devils incarnate, check out this video posted on the website: 

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