You may have heard of Kennebunkport giving a little extra to it's newest members.  The town's health council is giving free sleep bassinets to the town's newborns.


Because, infant mortality rate is greatly reduced when a baby has a box to sleep in.

Let's face it, a new baby doesn't need a lot to get some rest and these baby boxes fulfill everything the baby needs... while keeping him safe.

What's the deal with these baby boxes?

There was a program started by Finland in the 1940's where the government was giving these out to families with newborn babies to help reduce the infant mortality rate, which, right now, is exponentially lower than the United States'.

Of course, the government of Finland gives you a box, for the baby to safely sleep in, but, they also put things in the box.  When the program first started out after World War II ended, Finns would get the box, some diapers and blankets.

Now, it's a car full of items in your baby's new bed, including snowsuits, rompers (but, really, all kinds of clothes), bath thermometers, just to name a few things.  And for mom and dad, sanitary napkins, nipple cream and CONTRACEPTION.

High five on the contraception, Finland.

Wouldn't it be great if every Maine family brought their new baby home with a box full of the things you need to take care of baby?

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