Verve, a local restaurant known for its burritos, has closed its Orono and Bangor locations.

A Feb. 14 Facebook post from Verve confirms the Orono restaurant's closure, and directs people to visit the Bangor location. A sign on the door of the Orono location reads, "Closed until further notice."

In the comments under that Facebook post, someone asks whether the closure in Orono is for "just today," to which the restaurant responds, "no for good unfortunately."


Google also lists the Orono location at 2 Mill Street as "permanently closed."

However, on Tuesday, the Bangor location at 91 Main Street also was closed. A sign on the door at the Bangor location read "Closed! Sorry for the inconvenience."

The Bangor location was opened in 2013.

Since our initial report, the Bangor Daily News states that the owner of the buildings, Abe Furth, has confirmed the closing of both locations.

Furth and his wife, Heather, originally opened the shops but had sold them to the current owner Tabitha Johnson.

Furth told the newspaper:

“We’re sorry to see Verve close, but we are dedicated to downtown Bangor and we are doing our best to find a new business for that space,” he said. “We want to make sure they are used and that people can continue to enjoy them.”

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