This story sounds like a headline straight out of Florida, but, it's a Maine story.  I'm sure no one in Maine expects to see this at their local fast food restaurant.

As reported by the Bangor Daily News on Tuesday, a Portland man, identified as Alice Sweet of Portland, was arrested yesterday afternoon at a Westbrook McDonalds restaurant.

Sweet had apparently brought a chainsaw into the restaurant around 3:30 PM Tuesday afternoon.  Sweet then ventured behind the counter to get himself a snack of bacon and soda while occasionally revving the engine of the chainsaw, with chain still attached, at the workers of the restaurant.

According to WGME, the man was also confronted by the McDonalds manager in the parking lot where Sweet chased the manager around the parking lot and damaged parked cars.

Portland Press Herald is reporting that the incident caused every on-call policeman from the Westbrook Police Department to be at the scene.  It is also reported that there were no injuries from the incident.

Sweet is being charged with robbery, criminal mischief, refusing to submit to arrest, and violations of conditions of release.

The only thing bizarre that's related to a Maine McDonald's is the famed Freeport location, which has been featured all over the web sharing photos of it's unique exterior.  It is designed to not draw attention as a fast food restaurant, keep the design aesthetic the town wanted and actually, in 1984, moved into an old sea captain's house and kept the look of a classic colonial home.

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