Oil and gas prices have been a pain point for many people in Maine for the last year or more. As the colder temperatures have arrived, the stress of keeping homes warm throughout the winter is very real. So is the stress of keeping your vehicle gassed up, with sky high prices being the norm over the last few months. With prices now dropping, one thing has become quite noticeable. From town to town and gas station to gas station, the price per gallon can be wildly different.

Gas prices at the pump

For example, the neighboring cities of Portland and Westbrook have seen a dramatic difference in their gas prices. In Portland, many of the stations throughout the city have seen their average price per gallon drop to around $3.35 to $3.40. Meanwhile in Westbrook, a pair of the most prominent gas stations have remained at $3.85 to $3.95 per gallon.

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Marginal differences in prices per gallon is nothing new to the industry nor to Maine. But whopping differences of 50 cents per gallon or more is something that most Mainers haven't encountered before. It leaves people with the dilemma of paying the higher price or driving a few extra miles to save some money.

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Part of the reason remains supply. Some gas station chains are still low on supply, meaning their prices have remained high. Others, like Irving, have increased their supply, which has allowed them to lower their prices far below some of their competitors. Eventually, as supply catches up for other companies, prices per gallon should even out across different chains, towns, and cities throughout Maine.


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