What? You’ve never seen a Mickey D’s that looks like a house before?

Lots of fast food restaurants all kind of look the same, but there is one particular location here is Maine, is definitely that stand out from the rest.

A TikTok user visiting Maine, named evil easter bunny didn't quite know what to make of the infamous "McDonald's House" located in Freeport.

He is just one of many, because people come from all over to get a look at maybe the most interesting McDonald's in the United States. Then naturally, they do what we all do, capture it on some form of social media!

Here is the back story, Freeport, Maine, has some pretty strict zoning laws, so in 1984, McDonald's got around this by setting up shop in a 19th-century home. Rest assured, the inside looks like a regular restaurant

Those bright, golden yellow arches would never have passed the towns goal of keeping that vintage 1800's New England look, so a compromise was born. And as you may know, the same goes for the Starbucks in Freeport as well.

This Freeport location was named one of "The Most Unique McDonald's Restaurants In America" And I can tell you from experience, visiting the "Mansion McDonald's" in Freeport, is definitely something you should check out if you are in the area. It makes for a fun pit stop to grab breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Not only that, but the iconic LL Bean store is nearby!

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