The future is here...and it's weird!

A very bizarre thing is happening in the world, and there is no stopping it.

McDonald's currently operates 61 restaurants across Maine, in every corner of the state. They are fully staffed by actual humans, but that is all starting to change.

Currently, there are two Mc Donald's locations, in Denver, Colorado, and Fort Worth, Texas, that are for the most part, totally automated.

Inside ordering has been fully replaced by kiosks, but people still prepare and give you your food. The only way a customer can get an entirely non-human-contact experience is, to order ahead on the restaurant's app, then pick up their food (which is still cooked by people that do work there) outside, courtesy of a conveyor belt.

The restaurant is controlled by robots and automation, and it looks like it is the future of the restaurant business, which is scary, considering everything we are constantly hearing about Artificial Intelligence.

The business opened its first fully functional-based technology restaurant in Texas, making it possible residents to get their Mickey D's fix, without the pesky task of having to interact with a person, instead they deal with a robot.

Several videos have popped up on social media, showing these restaurants, empty, without any seating or dining areas. It is basically a grab-and-go deal.

It must be weird grabbing your Big Mac off a conveyor belt, instead of having it handed to you from someone behind a counter.

In some ways it seems logical, because many businesses have had trouble finding people who want to work, since the pandemic, but it is still a terrifying thought in general.

If this catches on (and it will) would you be a customer if one popped up in the Bangor area, or anywhere else in Maine? I mean, people have been using self-checkout at places like Walmart for years now, but there is just something that hits different when it comes to dining,

A YouTube video was posted of the automated Mc Donald's in Denver, and it is a sight to behold, as were some of the comments.


When robots bring the food out to the curbside pickup, we’ll know skynet is alive.


This is pretty cool. I worked at mcd's and I made the fries and sandwiches. Having something like this i might not have quit after a week. I wanted to be a cashier though and kiosk takes that job away. Though it takes away the joy of sitting inside and getting refills and the playplace for kids. It just doesn't respond and a lot of preferences are not available on the kiosk or app. Like light ice. Its either no ice or extra ice. I wonder how popular this is and how many will be changed into these.


Best McDonald’s for people who don’t want people to socialize


Wonder what you need to do if you want salt, pepper, ketchup, napkins, if there's a problem with your order... Workers were there, but you can't express any of that to the conveyor belt window,
and if you have to go inside to ask for help, how much attention will they be offering to you?
Hopefully they put options for all the extras in the app, as there's been plenty of times I've gotten home and found no napkins, no straw, no spoon...

So cold and uninviting. If there's a problem with your order, good luck, everyone is in the back behind a wall. Many remodeled McDonald's are already almost like this and it has kept me away.

Unfortunately, this looks to be where the world is headed, so if an empty Mc Donald's in Maine is your thing, you may just get your wish, sooner than you

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