It isn't a law, but maybe it should be.

Every state has some bizarre laws on the books. For example, in Maine, you can't walk down the street playing the violin in Augusta. You can't gamble at the airport in Biddeford. Only the police department can park in front of a Dunkin' in South Berwick. All pretty strange, right?

How about Christmas decorations and how long you can leave them up?

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Rumors have long persisted in Maine about what the law says when it comes to decking the halls. While there is no such law, that didn't stop certain parts of the state in the past from making a big deal out of displays past their prime.

Everyone seems to have an opinion on when Christmas decorations and trees should go up, and even stronger thoughts on when they should come down.

I think after Thanksgiving is the start, and after New Year's Day is the end.

Not everybody agrees.

There was a time when keeping Christmas lights and other displays up too long was frowned upon. Some places in Maine demanded that decorations come down by Jan. 14. It is doubtful that anyone ever served any hard time for breaking such rules, but it more than likely involved some sort of monetary fine.

Back in 2013, The Portland Press Herald looked into this misconception. After interviewing folks at the legislative law library in Augusta they confirmed no such law exists here in Maine.

The good news is that you can leave decorations up now as long as your heart desires. Your neighbors may disapprove, but hey, it's a free country.

A pretty amusing TikTok video took a look at some strange Maine laws:

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