Ever try to change the fuse on those pesky Christmas lights?

TikTok has made stars out of everyday ordinary people, just posting fun clips, and one woman from the Bath area has gained quite a bit of popularity for her creative videos and opinions.

Meredith Steele, who goes by babiesofsteele on TikTok, has an impressive 1 million followers, and her videos have over 39 million likes.

In a very insightful video she posted this week, she pointed out that you can't change the fuse on Christmas lights and have them work again. Sad, but true.

She ultimately fails, but she takes you through the process, step by step, and her many followers were thankful for the tip:

Lol I’m glad I watched the whole video before I went out and got the lights out of my garbage can

Mandy Brumm
I got halfway through and was like “Ryan! Why aren’t we just changing the fuses?!” And at the end of the video husband goes, “That’s why.”

really thought that was going to end differently

Lindsey Lou Who
This was how my experience went as well. Minus the seafood tools

Thanks for your civic duty Now I don’t have to try this

It’s more trouble and aggravation than the cost of new lights, I have tried before..most of the time it doesn’t always work

So this week I learned that people today don’t know where the fuses are, what the red tipped blub is & that one bad bulb takes out the whole strand

Meredith Steele I replaced fuses in a strand of lights this year... The lights still don't work but it does work as an extension cord!!!!

Alli Hingst
I’ve tried to replace fuses so many times and it has never worked.

Most of the time it’s the bulbs. Don’t waste your time with a bulb detector either. Just buy new every 3 years.

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