We knew it was coming at some point...Ugh

So far this winter we have had it fairly easy. However, it seems crazy to say, but winter is only a month and a few days old, so at some point, it was inevitable that we would get slammed with a major snowstorm, this is Maine after all. And you may have noticed that every meteorologist in the state is salivating at the prospect of a "Snowpocalypse". I’m sure that News Center has already put the Storm Center theme song into heavy rotation.

It is early in the week, so this could all change, but as of now, we are looking at a significant amount of snowfall on Saturday. This is the type of snow that makes you barricade yourself indoors and binge something on Netflix (I recommend the latest batch of “Ozark” episodes)

In honor of “National Observe the Weather Day” which occurs every January 25th, we want to know if you are excited to see a blizzard coming our way, or if you would prefer to drop the shovel and head to a warmer climate.

Early word has it that we could see up to a foot of the white stuff from Saturday into early Sunday. Time will tell. You should definitely keep your radio on since we have Todd Simcox on the air every weekday at 7:10. He is the hardest working man in snow business, and he will have all the details. The Storm Center crew is already all over this one, so here is an early projection of the forecast from Channel 2.

Happy shoveling!

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