A popular Chinese restaurant in the Bangor Mall has closed its doors indefinitely on Tuesday after being condemned by city code officers.

During the lunch hour on Tuesday, mall patrons stopped to read the condemnation order posted on the front of Oriental Express.

Bangor Code Enforcement Officer Jeremy Martin said the closure had nothing to do with health or food-related issues. Instead, he said the plumbing beneath the restaurant had corroded to a point where it was leaking and needed to be fixed.

He said the Dairy Queen restaurant next to the Oriental Express had experienced the same issue, but fixed it.

Martin said the Oriental Express could reopen once the issue was addressed. He said the city had repeatedly directed the restaurant's owners to fix the problem, but they failed to do so.

A call to the establishment was not immediately returned.

Bangor Mall officials on Tuesday confirmed the closure was due to a plumbing issue. Martin said the tenants at the mall were responsible for the plumbing in their stores.

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