It looks like the King of Horror might have himself a house guest in the form of Derry's creepiest clown.

A lone, red balloon was seen floating in the window of King's Bangor mansion recently, hearkening the Sept. 8 premiere of the latest screen adaptation of King's classic novel "IT."

King on Wednesday said he didn't hang the balloon and is not sure who did.

Of course, the film's shape-shifting antagonist, Pennywise the Dancing Clown, is known to use the red balloon to lure unsuspecting children to their untimely demises. And he is known to reside under the streets of the fictional town of Derry, which is based on Bangor.

In fact, the drain at the corner of Union and Jackson streets in Bangor inspired the scene in which Pennywise lures Georgie to his death. (You can see the actual drain below.)

The balloon floating in the front window of King's West Broadway home -- a must-stop on any tour of Stephen King's Bangor -- caught the attention of several tourists who had stopped to take photos Monday morning. (A second balloon tied to King's ornate iron gate had since partially deflated and was hovering listlessly about two-feet off the ground.)

In related news, King last week (in response to Donald Trump blocking him on Twitter), barred the president from seeing "IT" or the upcoming "Mr. Mercedes."

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