Nothing is more exciting than when the sky lights up at night for a quick instance.  It's mystical and makes any watcher awestruck.

Apparently, this is the time of year is slow for meteor showers but really great for "evening fireball" meteors.

Check out this video of a Portland, Maine police officer's dash cam from 2016 which shows an impressive burst of light in the city's night sky.

The American Meteor Society posted about this week's meteor activity stating that March is generally a slow month for meteor sightings in the northern hemisphere.  There are no major annual meteor showers happening now.

However, despite no high activity there could be sightings of "evening fireballs", which seem to be pretty active right now for Maine and others in the northern hemisphere.  These sightings can be hampered by intense city night lighting and the bright moon phase we are currently in.

Here's a more recent meteor sighting video from a few months ago from the National Weather Service's office in Gray, Maine.

Here's another dash cam video from the Portland Police Department that was captured about a year ago.

Now's the time to watch for these surprises in the Maine night skies.

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