Since the publishing of this post, this event has been cancelled.



Throughout this holiday season, we've been carefully traversing a new-normal pandemic way of living that has included masking up around family and friends and limiting our social gatherings to avoid transmission of the novel coronavirus.

But, despite the changes, one thing we can look forward to is the traditional dropping of the New Year's ball in Downtown Bangor.

It may require a different way of enjoying the event, masking up and social distancing, but it can still be enjoyed and we can still ring in the New Year like we have done in year's past.

This Thursday at midnight we'll be able to watch the ball drop from atop the Paddy Murphy's building across from West Market Square.  Information about the event can be found at the Paddy Murphy's 'NYE Bangor Ball Drop' Facebook event page, which addresses the oddity of this year's circumstances but still plans on providing a safe and traditional experience:

The annual ball drop won't be the celebration it usually is, but we're doing it anyway! We're all ready to kick 2020 to the curb- so please join us from home by dropping something at midnight with us in solidarity.
If you live downtown and plan to be physically present for the ball drop, please remember that all bars and restaurants will be closed as of 9pm and that masks and social distancing are expected in all public spaces. Stay well and celebrate safely.

Of course, in year's past, we had a Downtown Bangor ball drop that included packed crowds of cheering people.  If you need to feed that tradition, take a look at some videos from the ball drops from year's past.

It seems kind of weird to see throngs of people standing shoulder-to-shoulder but there will be a time when we'll be able to be like this again.
Here's to a better New Year in 2021.

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