Downtown Bangor can be a bit much when traffic is heavy with all of the one-way streets and multiple lanes. But, there has been one sign that has made the commute a little more annoying. That would be the "No Right on Red' sign at the bottom of the State Street hill.

Well, be annoyed no more.

It was brought to Facebook by Bangor City Councilor Ben Sprague that, after lots of suggestions and a review by the city engineer, that the sign would disappear.

Check out the Facebook post Councilor Sprague put up on Thursday to make us aware of the latest traffic change for the Downtown Bangor area.

Sprague does mention that a "Yield to pedestrians" sign does exist in this intersection that we need to take heed to:

Hey Bangor, the no-right-on-red sign has been removed from the bottom of State Street Hill as you turn right onto Harlow. This should help free up the crisscrossing of traffic in this intersection a bit. Please note there is a yield-to-pedestrians sign as people crossing the street still have the right of way when that light is red!

Thank you to the several people who have reached out with this suggestion over the past year. The City Engineer reviewed it and made the change just recently.

Downtown driving has become a little more tolerable without that sign but please be careful of those looking to cross the crosswalk. They do have the right-of-way.

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