Happy New Year!

This past New Years Eve was a rather bland affair. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there was nothing open past 9pm to celebrate the end of a very unplesant 2020, so our pals at The Nite Show with Danny Cashman decided to flashback to a very fun night in Downtown Bangor, that rang in 2014 with the midnight ball drop from high atop the roof of Paddy Murphy's. It is kind of surreal to watch so many people gathered around to watch, since no one has really been around a crowd of any size since last March, but it's a fun look back at a simpler time.

In addition to the ball drop and countdown to midnight, The Nite Show New Year’s Mockin’ Eve 2014 special featured clips and highlights from the show’s episodes throughout 2013, plus some flashbacks to the great guests they had in 2020 from all of the stay at home shows.

Looking at this video, the 2013 section looks like a who's who list of some very well known Mainers that everyone will recognize:

  • Noel Paul Stookey
  • Former Governor Paul LePage
  • WABI TV-5'S Simcox & Chris Ewing
  • News Center legend Bill Green
  • The Self Proclaimed 'King of Maine' rapper Spose
  • The iconic George Hale
  • Tim Sample
  • Senator Angus King
  • Seantor Susan Collins

Be sure to catch episodes of The Nite Show with Danny Cashman Saturday nights at 11:30 on WABI TV5/Bangor, Saturday nights at 10:30 on WPFO FOX23/Portland, Saturday nights at 12 midnight on WAGM-TV FOX8/Presque Isle, and late night Saturdays at 1 a.m. on WGME CBS 13 News, Portland!

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