There were a lot of fun things to do in Bangor this weekend, but the Z107.3 audience was all about Joey Fatone visiting the Queen City at the Bangor Comicon at the Cross Insurance Center.

We saw some photos floating around of you guys with the boy band man on Facebook and wanted to get all the photos together for one awesome scrapbook of memories with Joey.

Check out the photos submitted and the joy that was spread by Mr. Fatone this weekend in Bangor.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Katie FitzGerald via Facebook

Katie could not overcome her glee while embracing Joey, and Joey reciprocated with no abandon.  Check out that left leg lift action.  Good moves, Joe.

Laura Jamo via Facebook

Laura sent us this one where she seemed quite happy to meet Joey but he seemed a much more overwhelmed by her presence- see gaped mouth, eyebrow lift and pointed index finger.

Jessica Small via Facebook

Jessica had a blast with Joey and sent us a few of her photos that all showed Joey as a man who was here to have a good time.  We don't know the name of the man who Joey is quite affectionate towards but Jessica is apparently not the object of Joey's affections.  HE DOESN'T DESERVE YOU, JESSICA- Thank you, next!

Check out all of the great photos peeps got with Joey in our gallery and we'll keep adding more as you guys contribute them:

Hey, Joey!  Thanks for visiting little ol' Bangor, Maine and thank you to the Bangor Comic Con for making it possible for Joey's fans to meet him.  Until next time, Joe....