Nicely done guys!

With another school year winding down, Bangor High School recently held their 2018 Talent Show, to give the BHS students a chance to show off their various talents. I remember waaay back in the day I roamed the boards of Peaks Auditorium in "West Side Story" Ah, memories.

A group calling themselves "Mama's Kitchen" features students Tom Gause, Conor O'Brien, Jon Badger, Charlie Budd, and Bryson McDonough. They do their take on the now iconic dance routine to the 2000 hit from the boy band NSYNC, and their number one hit song "It's Gonna Be Me."

There have been all sorts of versions of this dance routine, at weddings, step aerobics classes, lip sync battles and countless others. We took a look at a bunch of them (there are a ton) and picked our favorites for you to check out, after you watch the amazing Bangor High School version of course. Go Rams!

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