I work in a field that no doubt, relies on ratings, clicks, unique visitors, and fifty other buzzwords that all lead us down a road where our lives are better if our ratings are better. But as we are now living in an era of click bait, the temptation to exaggerate the details becomes strong. And then reality becomes either the truth, or the "truth."

So this morning as I'm scrolling through the Book of Faces, I see all sorts of different media outlets talking about this massive Nor'Easter headed our way this weekend. Worried that we were about to get pummeled with a late season storm like we got at this time last year, I checked my trusty weather app on my phone.

It claims in this area we might see an inch. An inch. That's it. Sure, we're gonna see some good rain, strong winds, and all the other things that would normally classify as a Nor'Easter ... except snow. So isn't it just a rain storm then? Or is water going to fall out of the sky like a faucet from above?

I want big ratings as much as the next guy, but this hype is out of control. I feel like we're living inside the worst rap song of all time, and Little John the rapper is the meteorologist. Hey Little John, is it gonna snow? "WHAT?!?!?! OH YEAH!!" Actually, I'd probably watch that forecast. Anyway, here's the real deal from the National Weather Service:

Wednesday through Monday:


Low pressure developing along the Mid-Atlantic coast on Thursday and tracking toward the Downeast coast on Friday has the potential to bring significant rain to the area with snow in the higher elevations. Hydrological issues including ponding on roadways and ice movement on some rivers is possible.

As I always say, who cares what most people say? Even if they're not in the business of ratings, most people still love to gossip. And isn't that really all this is? Gossip? Headlines sound more like a movie trailer than news. Where's Don LaFontaine to narrate the trailer of our forecast?

In short, don't believe the hype. Instead, look out the window. Trust me, if it's snowing, you'll know. And when summer hits, then it'll be all these sensationalized headlines about the heat. We can't win either way, so don't fight it. Read the headline, and then read between the lines.

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