Sick of political ads yet? So are the folks at News Center!

As we all know there is a rather big election coming up on Tuesday, November 8th. No matter who you support, Paul LePage, or Janet Mills, everyone can pretty much agree that the volume of political ads have reached a fever pitch, and have left us all feeling a little burned out. This is usually the perfect time to try to have a laugh about it, which is exactly what the folks at News Center did.

News Center Maine meteorologists Keith Carson and Todd Gutner are tired of playing nice. In this heated political season the gloves are off in these brutal "attack" ads. These of course are parody ads, but they are good for a laugh or two,

In a News Center Facebook post, fans of Keith & Todd weighed in

Desiree Scorcia
Omg, hilarious!!

John Jordan
i love when they do this.need more

Robin Forbes
Laughing so hard!!!!

Keith Carson
If it makes anyone feel better: I wrote my own attack ad. Haha

Dottie Ann Tomasello
Keith Carson you two are hilarious!

Doug Delorge
Keith Carson Bonus points!

Shawn Richards
Keith Carson you should write each other meteorological jokes and read them live on air… like Micheal and Colin on SNL…

Candie Hunter Crocker
Yikes! Who knew our favorite meteorologists were such mean boys! Lol just kidding! Haha you two make me chuckle every time. Thanks for your creativity! Now can you make tomorrows storm veer to the right and head out to sea please?? Lol

Paula Mcdonald Borden
Omg u guys r the best!

Betti Curran
This is the best thing I've watched in years ❤

Sue Crowell
Those are great!
Such a relief to laugh at political ads.

Daniel McLaughlin Jr
Well I for one, certainly couldn't vote for someone who eats their lobster rolls warm.

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