This may make you not want to 'Netflx and Chill"

As if the big streaming services cracking down on password sharing isn't enough, Maine residents might be paying a little bit more to watch their favorite movies, and binge watchable shows

In her latest budget proposal, Governor Janet Mills, is asking for a sales tax on all the content you watch on Hulu, Max, Amazon Prime, and others.

How much would it set you back? If you pay, let's say $20 each month for Netflx, the tax would set you back an extra $1.10 each month. That doesn't sound bad in theory, but most of us subscribe to way more than just one streaming platform, which is another problem altogether, but we can table that discussion for another day.

Naturally, the idea is to generate revenue for the State of Maine, and no dbout, it wold generate millions, but these days, people are backing off having all the monthly bills from the vast variety of streaming options. It is also causing many people to cut the cord on their cable all together.

As you can imagine, Maine Republicans do not support this, in fact, this was also brought to the table, back in 2017, by them Governor Paul LePage, and also by Mills in 2020. The measure has been shot down each time.

Mainers aren't being singled out by any means, because 25 other states in the country are already paying this tax, so you would not be alone.

In a perfect world, we would be able to find all the shows we love in one convienient place, for one flat, affordable price, but that day is clearly not here yet.

Will Maine have to pay a streaming tax? To put the answer into a relatable term, that idea is currently buffering.

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