Some of us just want to start the year off on the right foot but sometimes things don't go as planned.  Here's a compilation of New Year's fails from around the globe that maybe you can anticipate or avoid at your New Year's Eve event.  Enjoy!

  • 1


    Fireworks = get your phones out because there's a good possibility things could go awry.

  • 2

    Public Dancing Fail

    Nothing gets my voyeur shame on like a semi circle around a guy wearing suspenders on New Year's Eve, especially when another dude is lifting said suspender wearer over his head.

  • 3

    Ball Drop Fail

    If you can't have the control of dropping the New Year's Eve ball in a timely manner than the New Year is already in shambles.  Maybe the star studded event featuring Hanson makes it not so terrible.

  • 4

    Puzzling Poppers

    Imagine being excited little Bella ringing in her first New Year at midnight.  And, she's given a faulty party popper to celebrate.  Expect a solid 90 seconds of instruction reading to start your New Year, sweetie pie.

  • 5

    Don't Wake Me Up To Celebrate

    Why is this a surprise?  This is to be expected.

  • 6

    Super Visible Fall Fail

    We all have that embarrassing friend that gets a few drinks in them and end up on a table with the whole room of onlookers rooting them on.  It becomes more glamorous when it happens on New Year's Eve.

  • 7

    What Do You Expect of London Fireworks, Gov?

    Sometimes the weather doesn't cooperate with your New Year's Eve event and results in equal disappointment for everybody.  Everybody all together now- "Meh".

  • 8

    Electronics Fail

    The countdown is the most exciting part of New Year's Eve.  But maybe our reliance on little boxes of wires could hamper the thrill.

  • 9

    Quick! Pop the Cork!

    This is all of us- witchcraft, I say!

  • 10

    Don't Get It In the Eyes, Or There, Or There

    Parents should not be a part of the celebration, too many rules.

  • 11

    People Fail Electronics

    Timing was right on, oddly enough.

  • 12

    Dancing's Hard Sometimes

    Can we all agree that dancing on a table after a few drinks is setting yourself up for embarrassment?  No matter how cute you try to recover.

  • 13

    Balloon Popping With Drink In Hand

    A lot of thinking involved with popping a balloon but even more thinking after.  Don't worry- she probably won't remember any of this.

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