We might as well put our offspring in bubbles...

A school in Nashua, New Hampshire has got some parents fuming over a new ban. The school has banned Tag as a recess game. The school says the game is in violation of the school's no contact rule for recess games.

Charlotte Avenue Elementary School Principal Patricia Beaulieu posted a letter on the schools website reminding parents of the ban and the school's saftey policy. She said tag may 'seem innocent enough' but has led to many playground injuries in other schools.

She told the Nashua Telegraph that they have seen injuries from the game including concussions and broken wrists. Those injuries is what led her to banning the game. She adds that she wants the kids to jump and have fun, 'but in a safe way.'

Parents are not happy. Parents of students say that it's 'a simple game. If kids are being overly aggressive take them out of the game.' That sounds like a great idea to me!

Here's another idea, bubble suits. That way lil Jonny wont ever get hurt. I was proud of getting dinged up on the playground!

What do you think?

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