I have a friend who is a YOLO kinda guy.  He works hard, he plays hard and, man, does that guy lose his phones.  I think of him owning phones similar to the phrase "between jobs".  You use this phrase when you're optimistic you're going to get a new job even though you haven't been hired yet.  You're not unemployed, right?  You're, just, between jobs.... temporarily unemployed.  It's not going to really factor into the grand scheme of your work history.  This is the phrase I would use for his inability to hold on to his phones, they won't last long enough for his ownership to really make an imprint on the object.

He recently lost another phone and has gone 4 weeks without it.  He mentioned it on Facebook stating, "I like not having a phone actually. I'm going to go without one until I have that "F***, I really could use a phone right now" moment."

Someone else commented on this post saying that he's gone without a phone for two years and to "hold strong".

Thinking about myself, I would wholeheartedly give up my phone.  I hate being available at any given moment to any person who has my number as well as the accessibility of Facebook ALWAYS - BEING - RIGHT - THERE!

But, it's so convenient when you want to avoid eye contact, cut off a conversation or have a minute to waste to see what crazy crap is going on in our bizzarro-world reality.

So, now I gotta ask.  How long could you go without your phone?  Take the poll below and see how your results compare to others who've answered.

Now, I know there are many functions of a phone but consider your most precious which for me would be Facebook, Google (search, map, drive) and texting.  How long could you give up the convenience of having it right in your pocket?

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