Marilyn Manson found himself in handcuffs while in Bangor, based on an Instagram post by the controversial shock rocker. But, don't worry. The "Antichrist Superstar" was not placed under arrest.

Manson played Sunday night at the Impact Music Festival, a three-day show to raise awareness of suicide prevention.

"But the cops like me ...," the post (below) is captioned. There is no audio, but the encounter looks friendly enough, with the officer laughing as he places the bracelets on the macabre musician.

On its Facebook, the Bangor Police Department -- in its lighthearted way -- weighed in on the officer's meeting with Manson.

"In the interest of saving us a whole lot of call-backs, Marilyn Manson was merely handcuffed and released immediately thereafter," reads the post, which goes on to say the officer, who listens to "only Enya, and a little bit of Oasis," didn't recognize Manson without his stage makeup.

Tim Cotton of the Bangor Police Department later explained the account of the meeting was hyperbole, and the Manson "was joking around with the officers."

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