The little problems in life can sometimes really ruin your day: a downed fly on your pants, a garbage bag that just wont stay up, having to carry a load of groceries up several flights of stairs.

Wouldn't it be great if you could solve these little problems and free up space in your brain to tackle big ones, like world peace and making a talk-to-text app that would actually decipher mumbles (okay, maybe that last one is just a personal wish, but I mean come on! How has no one done this yet?!)

Here's where "life hacks" come in. And this is why I'm kind of obsessed with them! Thanks to something I read in a magazine a few years back, I am proud to say that my barn-door is rarely open! And all you need is a key ring looped through your zipper and you, too, can live with such confidence!

Recently, I solved another annoying problem with a simple tool I had laying around, and created my own life-hack. (You could almost call me MacGyver!) Of course, in the spirit of giving back to the world, I wanted to share it with all of you!

It may not look that classy. In fact, it probably looks downright nasty! But I can tell you, if you want to prevent a condensation ring from ruining your nice wooden surface, all you need is a swim diaper! (I recommend a clean one!) You can roll it up or down to fit the size of your drink. As you can see from my picture, it can even protect against the largest of iced-coffees!

You're welcome in advance. I have found that diapers can also come in handy if your basement floods and you need to absorb some of the left-over wetness. Or in a pinch, if you can't get up to retrieve a pillow because a small child has fallen asleep in your lap. If you can reach a clean diaper or two and tuck it behind your head, you're all set!

So the next time have a small problem that turns in to a big pain, take solace in knowing there's likely a life-hack for that! And then, dive straight in to the rabbit hole of Youtubing and Googling it! Enjoy!

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