Every weekday on the Z Morning Show, we pose our Impossible Question to the listeners of Eastern and Central Maine.  Usually, our questions aren't that impossible.  Here are the questions and answers for this week.  Congratulations to all of our winners this week.  Try your luck next week 8:10 AM weekdays on Bangor's #1 hit music station, Z107.3!

Monday, September 24th

Question: The most popular tattoo for women over 40 is what?

Answer: Rose

Tuesday, September 25th

Question: 40% of women say they crave this, but only 15% of men say they do.  What is it?

Answer: Chocolate

Wednesday, September 26th

Question: 84% of us eventually fail at this.  What is it?

Answer: Becoming a vegetarian

Thursday, September 27th

Question: We keep these for an average of 15 years but the bigger they are, the quicker we have to get rid of them?  What are they?

Answer: Refrigerators

Friday, September 28th

Question: Over 30% of people would not date someone who has this.  What?

Answer: A flip phone!

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