One Maine town in Downeast uses Wikipedia in a unique way.

Steuben, Maine isn't a town you hear about too often, maybe because it's a pretty normal Maine town.

It's 2010 census revealed it had 1,131 people living there and a median town age of 42.4 years.

It's most famous person is someone you have never heard of- one Martha Gallison Moore Avery (of course, 4 names) who famously was a Unitarian socialist turned Catholic activist.  Famous.

It's coordinates are 44°30′24″N 67°56′19″W.  

It is a coastal town in Washington County, between Goldsboro and Milbridge, also a couple of Maine towns that you don't hear too much about.

But, there is something about this sleepy coastal Maine town on the internet that makes this little Maine town stick out.

Check out it's Wikipedia page and there will be one tidbit of information that sticks out from the dry, mundane facts of Steuben, Maine that breaks up the monotony and cleverly passed by the Wiki editors' delete button that shows a little bit of humor and inspiration.

It's the 'Geography' section of Steuben that makes it a town worth noting:

According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 62.29 square miles (161.29 km^2), of which, 43.03 square miles (111.45 km^2) of it is land and 19.26 square miles (49.88 km^2) is empty Allen's coffee brandy bottles.


Honestly, Steuben, I don't think the U.S. Census Bureau has that in it's records... at least, verbatim.

Screenshot from
Screenshot from

Well, if there's any town that should earn the most "Maine-est" of all the Maine towns, I think you just won, Steuben.  Cheers!

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