This week in Maine, and nationwide, the state is celebrating Air Quality Awareness Week by encouraging you to check the Air Quality Index (AQI) to see the best time for you to go outdoors and have your fun.

There are plenty of ways to find out what the air quality to plan your day and ensure a safe time outside.

Here are the ways:

  • Maine DEP website
  • toll free hotline
  • EnviroFLash emails
  • EnviroFlash text messages
  • Twitter

The system involves color coding related to the safety or risk of air quality for those sensitive to poor air quality to risk for everybody going outdoors to do activities.

The causes for poor air quality include ozone and particle pollution which can harm your heart and lungs which is why it's important to see what the levels are before you put your body at risk.

For more information on Maine's air quality, check out the website.

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