YouTube, Paramount Picture, Sega
YouTube, Paramount Picture, Sega

Full disclosure, I thought Sonic The Hedgehog was pretty cool back in the day. And I can tell you I'm not disappointed that my kids are now fans of the old school cartoons, thanks to streaming services like Netflix and Amazon. In fact, one of their favorite goofy songs they like for me to sing is the "Sonic Underground" theme song!

So I just know they're going to flip out when I show them the trailer for the newest incarnation of Sonic, released this week; a live-action take on the character! From Paramount pictures and Sega, due out this November, this movie has some pretty recognizable faces in it, not the least of which is Jim Carey, who is slated to play none other than Sonic's arch nemesis, Dr. Robotnik himself! Based on what I've seen so far, it looks like it has the potential to be fun. And by all appearances, Carey will be a perfect foil for this classic character! In my humble opinion, a movie like Sonic lends itself well to a remake like this,  with all the cool technology and special effects that have been created since its first inception. There so much potential to what these characters can do now, thanks to these advances!

See for yourself. Thoughts? I know a lot of people have pretty strong opinions when it comes to nostalgic things, so, I want to know: Are you looking forward to this movie or do you have strong opinions against it?


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