If you know Robert Stuart, rub him for good luck.

It appears that Kennebunk is the lucky lottery town. It was back in May that Robert picked up a cool million dollars when he bought a 25 dollar scratch ticket. Well, he did it again.

Not a million, like before, but according to WMTW 8, 100,000 dollars!

He bought a $25 Maine Lottery instant ticket for the 50,000,000 Cash Blowout game and won $100,000, the news station reported. Last May, after taxes, he took home 710,000 dollars!

Not a bad profit from a 25 dollar ticket!

So the trick to winning is to be named Robert Stuart, live in Kennebunkport and buy your tickets in Kennebunk. The million dollar scratch ticket was bought from the Hannaford Supermarket in Kennebunk, according to WMTW, and the 100,000 dollars he won from a ticket at the Circle K in Kennebunk.

I love that he is still playing even though he won over 700 grand on a ticket. He likes his instant tickets. Good for you Robert! Enjoy.

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