According to Consumer Reports, there is a time to buy for certain items to get the best deals of the year for home items, clothes and electronics.
September is a great month to invest some money on some great deals on laundry appliances, lawn care equipment, and kitchen appliances. Check out the list below and where to find them in the Bangor area. Did I forget a local business that sells these items? Tell us in the comments! #ShopLocal

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Laundry Appliances: washing machines, clothes dryers

Right now, Consumer Reports is reporting that home appliances like washers and dryers are in deep discount.  Nows the time to invest in these essential home appliances.

Find these products at the follow Bangor area stores:  Brown Appliance and MattressDave's WorldLowes Bangor, Lowes Brewer, Home Depot Bangor

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Lawn Care Equipment: lawn mowers, tractors, leaf blowers

We are prepping the lawns for winter so next year you can have the nice lawn you enjoyed this year.  Now's the time to get the mower that may need to be replace or that leaf blower that you need.

Find these products at the follow Bangor area stores: Bradstreet Lawn and Garden, Tractor Supply Company, Freedom Power Equipment, Greenway Equipment Sales, Jim's Small Engines, Bangor Tractor and Equipment, Dorr's Equipment,  Lowes BangorLowes BrewerHome Depot Bangor

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Kitchen Appliances: Dishwasher, ranges

You spent most of the time using that grill but it's almost time to put them away and maybe invest in that new stove you may need.  Right now you can find deep discounts on these items.

Find these products at the follow Bangor area stores: Brown Appliance and Mattress, Dave's WorldDunnett Appliance and MattressLowes BangorLowes BrewerHome Depot Bangor

For advice on what to buy, check out Consumer Reports September deals page.